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My first vertical vlog

This past weekend I traveled to Detroit, MI for the most beautiful wedding weekend ever.  Instead of using my regular vlog camera to record video (I still used it for pictures!), I recorded a ton of video clips with my iPhone.

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A day of tours [DC bucket list edition]

My final few weeks in DC were spent fun-employed (usually means you have a break between your previous job and your next job), so I decided that I would check some things off of my DC bucket list and tour a few places.

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BCN With Me

They say you finally get to know a city when your friends come to visit… Actually, I have no idea if that’s what they say, but that’s definitely what I like to preach.   Continue Reading

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A Quick Weekend Trip Down to Georgia

There’s nothing like booking a quick trip back home for the weekend amidst a busy schedule (aka going to Vermont for Spring Break).

Fun Fact #892: I tend to resist sleeping the night before a flight, which is totally weird I know, but let’s just say if I were an initiate of the Dauntless faction I would have to face that situation in my mental training simulation (haha Divergent reference). But after my early morning flight, instead of sleeping I did what any girl reunited with her mom would do and I went shopping!  I had one main thing on my shopping list which was the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (what a mouthful), so we headed to Bloomies to grab some for the both of us.
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A Fresh Start

So I’m currently sitting in my living room watching the remaining minutes of the Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin New Year’s special on CNN (it’s become quite a family tradition).  But I couldn’t help but feel like the moment the clock struck 12, I became a new person.  Such a cliche, I know.  I kind of think that’s the spirit of the new year, and maybe I had yet to experience that in the past.  Anyway, let’s hope this feeling lasts through the rest of the year.

Also, as you may have noticed I’ve been very MIA (almost 4 months), but I have big plans for the year 2014 (no joke).  Hope you all will join me on this journey!  And make sure you’re following me on Twitta, Insta, Facebook, & Youtube.  Expect a new video this week with a surprise guest!

Happy New Year and let’s make 2014 a memorable one.