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August 2013


Fallin’ in love with Niagara

It’s been forever since my family has been able to take a summer trip since it’s so hard to match up all of our schedules but we finally did it!  The location of choice?  Niagara Falls in Canada.  But now having been there I like to call it the “Love Falls.”  That name only came about because I felt like I was surrounded by couples on couples on couples (there were more families around, but still).  Also Freud did say that water invokes thoughts about sex in your subconscious.  And Niagara’s not running out of water anytime soon. 😉 Continue Reading


Oh hey therr!

There’s nothing I love more than a grand opening… Whether it’s for that new clothing shop on Newbury St. or the newest suburban ice-cream parlor (haha a girl’s gotta indulge!).  But even more exciting is the official opening of iamsohello!  This blog has been on my mind for years but I finally decided to just bite the bloggin bullet and get this started.  I’ve been planning the next few months and I have so many ideas and new content that you all can look forward to!  My main goal is that you all get to read and watch the videos I’ll be posting and get a better understanding of my point of view and sense of humor.  Also be sure to add me on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, & Instagram so you don’t miss out.