Links of the Week

What happens when you combine Beyoncé’s amazing voice & and a disney fairy tale? You get Cinderoncé [Todrick Hall Youtube]

No one likes being friend zoned but what happens when two friends exhaust their current dating pool?  They decide to date each other… and blog about it.  Huh, what is this world we live in?  I for one am rooting for this couple so that I have an excuse the next time a guy friend zones me. “Well we might as well give it 40 days…” [40 Days of Dating]

We all know that every woman should have that iconic LBD regardless of the new colors that seem to take black’s place each fashion season.  Maybe it’s time we get to know a little of its history before we take it out for a date [New York Times]

Stop it. Stop it right now.  An *Nsync reunion??  We’ve already been blessed with a Destiny’s Child reunion earlier this year at the Superbowl but now the circle is complete.  This Sunday, 90’s kids everywhere will be screaming and possibly shedding a tear or two when the band hits the stage.  And I don’t care what you say BuzzFeed… This is happenin’  [Us Magazine]