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BCN With Me

They say you finally get to know a city when your friends come to visit… Actually, I have no idea if that’s what they say, but that’s definitely what I like to preach.   Continue Reading

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A Quick Weekend Trip Down to Georgia

There’s nothing like booking a quick trip back home for the weekend amidst a busy schedule (aka going to Vermont for Spring Break).

Fun Fact #892: I tend to resist sleeping the night before a flight, which is totally weird I know, but let’s just say if I were an initiate of the Dauntless faction I would have to face that situation in my mental training simulation (haha Divergent reference). But after my early morning flight, instead of sleeping I did what any girl reunited with her mom would do and I went shopping!  I had one main thing on my shopping list which was the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (what a mouthful), so we headed to Bloomies to grab some for the both of us.
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Fallin’ in love with Niagara

It’s been forever since my family has been able to take a summer trip since it’s so hard to match up all of our schedules but we finally did it!  The location of choice?  Niagara Falls in Canada.  But now having been there I like to call it the “Love Falls.”  That name only came about because I felt like I was surrounded by couples on couples on couples (there were more families around, but still).  Also Freud did say that water invokes thoughts about sex in your subconscious.  And Niagara’s not running out of water anytime soon. 😉 Continue Reading