Fallin’ in love with Niagara

It’s been forever since my family has been able to take a summer trip since it’s so hard to match up all of our schedules but we finally did it!  The location of choice?  Niagara Falls in Canada.  But now having been there I like to call it the “Love Falls.”  That name only came about because I felt like I was surrounded by couples on couples on couples (there were more families around, but still).  Also Freud did say that water invokes thoughts about sex in your subconscious.  And Niagara’s not running out of water anytime soon. 😉

After a full day of rain and fog we woke up to this beautiful rainbow (one of many that weekend) the next morning.  Not a bad sight at all.

Took this picture from INSIDE the Falls.  Ok fine… In a manmade tunnel near the edge of the water.  Still make you think I’m a daredevil?  Doesn’t matter, I’m still claiming that title.

We then took a tour of a Butterfly garden and it was sooo beautiful.  They mentioned that if a butterfly lands on you then you’ll have an eternity of good luck and who doesn’t what that?  I can say I did so I spent my time trying to creepily coax the butterflies so I could guide them towards my shoulders.  Unfortunately I was unsuccessful :(.  But I did get some beautiful pictures while we were there which was my consolation prize.

Some of you guys know (if you don’t that means you’re not following me on twitter… get on it!) that this summer I started watching Vampire Diaries for the first time… so imagine when I found out that vervain’s not a joke.  Luckily there weren’t any vampires in the vicinity for me to test this on but I did end up squealing like a little girl when I saw the sign in the garden and I wanted others to join me, but I don’t think they were about that.

Canada., oh Canada.  The land of Degrassi, Drake, and maple syrup…  Thanks for having us and we can’t wait to return! Next Stop: Italy, England, France, Spain, or Greece?  I don’t know, but I’ll be having a lot of fun trying to plan something via Pinterest!