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A Quick Weekend Trip Down to Georgia

March 31, 2014

There’s nothing like booking a quick trip back home for the weekend amidst a busy schedule (aka going to Vermont for Spring Break).

Fun Fact #892: I tend to resist sleeping the night before a flight, which is totally weird I know, but let’s just say if I were an initiate of the Dauntless faction I would have to face that situation in my mental training simulation (haha Divergent reference). But after my early morning flight, instead of sleeping I did what any girl reunited with her mom would do and I went shopping!  I had one main thing on my shopping list which was the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (what a mouthful), so we headed to Bloomies to grab some for the both of us.

I only had enough energy to hit up a few more stores before it was time to refuel my bodayy.

Unfortunately our favorite Atlanta bistro had a line worthy of a hot L.A. club on a Thursday night so we decided to try something new at Davio’s, an italian steakhouse.

My mom and I opted for the “executive lunch.”  So fancy.  For the first course, I was feeling a little healthy so I ordered the Classic Wedge Salad with applewood smoked bacon and bleu cheese.  Così delizioso, but I sure didn’t realize that a wedge salad meant that they essential give you a huge piece of lettuce and then it’s up to you to go from there.  My mom ordered the Pasta e Fagioli soup but before I could even snap a picture it was all gone so I guess that tells you how tasty it was.

Before we could even blink an eye, our main courses arrived.  Since my mom has this intense liking for fish she ordered the pan-seared cod with some herby risotto.

Meanwhile I found comfort in my chicken caprese (mozzarella chesse, basil, and tomato) panini and fries.

Afterwards we headed home to meet up with my sister and had a little photo shoot with my new 50mm lens.

But first… lemme take a SELFIE.

As soon as this photo shoot came to an end, my sister and I decided to go on a movie date to see Divergent.  The film was sooo good and I’m definitely adding the whole series to my reading list.  Check it out if you haven’t already.  Here’s the trailer if you need a little convincing: