I’m an artist. Call me an artist

December 13, 2015

This past Thursday I turned in the last assignment of my undergraduate career, which happened to be for my photography class… And it felt GOOD.

This Introduction to Photography class (4.341) and I have had a rough relationship.   It st.  And yesterday was the culmination.  What I really enjoy about the final photos (I’m only posting 8/12 of them) that I decided to present is that they show my love of dance and they serve as a reflection of my time here at the school because dance and the family/friends that I’ve gained from being apart of the community have been a huge part of my college experience.  If you haven’t caught my vlog on the behind the scenes of printing this aka the all-nighter I spent, go watch it now!  And without further ado, here’s a lil preview of Performance. Movement. Family:ImAnArtist-1ImAnArtist-8ImAnArtist-7ImAnArtist-2These two photos were achieved after experimenting with the shutter speed and the final product gives off this ghostly feeling.  I think that it really signifies the movement of dance and also the sense of this out of body experience that many of us dances have when we’re on stage.  We put on this other persona, we become our own versions of Sasha Fierce.ImAnArtist-5I promise he’s wearing pants!  They’re just really short shorts!  Also, I’m obsessed with this one as well, because A) it was extremely candid and B) it captures not only their dynamic but it also shows a portion of the fun that goes on behind the scenes that ultimately brings you closer to your fellow dancers.ImAnArtist-6ImAnArtist-4I laugh every time I look at this one.  Only because I live across the hall from her I have managed to have less than five minutes of conversation with her this semester and then this ended up being one of my favorite backstages photos.  Maybe I’ll slip the actual print under her door as a christmas present or something.  Speaking of which, I have to go figure out what I’m getting my family for christmas!!!

Until next time…