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Cheetah Girls? Not so much…

May 7, 2016

What started off as a quest to recreate the Cheetah Girl’s Strut music video, quickly turned into an extensive scavenger hunt of a place that was right under our noses…

Now the day started off really cute with a trip to one of my favorite brunch spots in Barcelona, Milk Bar. Granted, I’ve only been to brunch about four times. We got all dressed up for our brunch date and also for the beautiful photos we planned to take at Parc Guell later that afternoon.  Keep in mind that this happened a while ago… #newbloggerprobs

Friends who brunch together… 😍 #barcelona #catalunya #notesfromspain

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CheetahGirls-1CheetahGirls-4CheetahGirls-9CheetahGirls-5And that’s where the cuteness took a break for a bit.  We then went on to look for the iconic Monumental Zone.  Now if you pay attention to the video, Raven is wearing stiletto boots.  So using my analytical thinking, I figured that area couldn’t be far from the entrance.  But for some reason we could not find it and the signs were of no help at all.CheetahGirls-6When we got to this wall of graffitti, we knew that we had climbed up a hill with no promise of finding the monument zone with Gaudi’s designs.  Because something tells me that Gaudi wasn’t really into the whole graffiti thing.

After another hike down the mountain, we realized that we had in fact walked right past the area when we entered the park. 😒  But soon after, we discovered that there was a 8€ entrance fee, so we quickly said ‘bye, Felicia’ and moved on to the next one (aka the Sagrada Familia). CheetahGirls-8CheetahGirls-7CheetahGirls-11CheetahGirls-12