When in Wine Country…

August 14, 2017

We started the day with clear eyes and empty stomachs and ended the day with a healthy case of wine🍷…

What’s the first thing you do when you decide to spend the day wine tasting in Sonoma, CA aka Wine Country?  Well, you gotta get some caffeine and carbs to make sure you make it out alive.  So our first stop was Sunflower Cafe, where we had just enough time for a quick bite.Afterwards, we hopped on a bus with 4 strangers and set off on this Wine Country journey.

First stop… Loxton Cellars.  We were met by one of the owners and got an inside look at how boutique wineries operate.  Loxton sells about 10,000 cases of wine a year and the only way to purchase their wine is through them so you won’t find it distributed anywhere else.

After getting a look at a boutique vineyard, we jumped to the other end of the spectrum over at Chateau St. Jean.  Where Loxton had that family vibe, St. Jean felt much more industrial but the location was BEAUTIFUL.  It was an Instagrammer’s dream location.

In between the tour of the grounds, we got to sip on some of their wines.  This particular winery is known for their Chardonnays and they did not disappoint.

Can you even consider yourself a blogger if you don’t have a photo like this?

If you’re wondering if we ate anything between all of this wine, don’t worry, we did!  After a picnic lunch at Chateau St. Jean we got a different experience at b.wise‘s tasting room, instead of going to their vineyards which aren’t located in the heart of Sonoma.

At this point, I think my taste buds started to take a hit and I could no longer taste the difference between their Cabernet Sauvignons that they offered us.

Last up, was La Rochelle.  If Loxton, was my favorite in terms of total package (owners, vibe, family-run), then La Rochelle was probably the one winery that won my heart with the education and history we got.  While, they didn’t give us any tours, they did a good job of trying to make sure that we understood where the wines came from.

La Rochelle is known for their Pinot Noirs, and before this trip, I would have said that all Pinot Noirs taste somewhat similar, but I learned that knowing the region that produces the wine’s grapes gives you a bit of insight to the taste.  For example, one of the wine’s grapes are grown in a valley that experienced volcanic activity over two million years ago so the soil there is unique from other valleys and it gives the wine a distinct flavor.

What a day!  Yes, I spent the ride back home half-asleep, but it was such an amazing day-trip.  Especially when you have family in town, like I did.