Life Video Vlog

My first vertical vlog

October 11, 2017

This past weekend I traveled to Detroit, MI for the most beautiful wedding weekend ever.  Instead of using my regular vlog camera to record video (I still used it for pictures!), I recorded a ton of video clips with my iPhone.

Instead of spending precious time during the events worried about the captions, tags, and filters for my Instagram Story when I could be having fun with my family/friends, I decided to save most of them and create a vlog… A VERTICAL VLOG.  This is such a sign of the changing times.  Vlogging can be a huge production like I’m sure many of you are familiar with on Youtube, or it can be super chill using regular video captured on a phone, like this one.  I recommend watching this on your mobile device as it will give that Instagram Stories feel.

I love how this turned out and definitely plan on creating more vlogs, both horizontal and vertical in the future.  How you guys feel about vertical video?