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Welcome (back) to Roma

March 20, 2018

Can we talk about how much I love Italy?  Especially now that I have returned to Rome…

Before I begin and show you photos of Rome and my sunkissed skin… A bit of a primer/background for you.  A few years ago I was able to live out my dream of becoming a teen model.  “How?”, you ask?  I found out that a travel agency, EF Tours, was having a casting call for their new promotional videos.  The company at the time was geared towards students, and my school would use them to book international class trips (for World History classes and the like).  I would watch their videos on Youtube where they followed other students exploring new cities and the wanderlust was way too real.  So, one casting call video submission and a couple interviews later, I found out that I was selected to spend two weeks in Rome and Berlin (a story for another day).

Where am I going with this?  At the end of the promotional video that thousands of kids around the world watched, high-school me, a queen, a legend, an ICON, prophesized that, “If you throw your hand over your left shoulder, one day you WILLLL return to Rome!”  And six and half years later, I did!

In case you’re curious about the video, I’ve surfaced it just for you.  Note: because it’s been a while and we’ve since aged out, the company has replaced our promo video, but thanks to a random Youtube channel, it lives on!

Rome truly is a city of ancient ruins and that is one of the things I love the most about this beautiful place, the juxtapositioning of the old (here, the ancient amphitheater) with the new (cars).

There’s nothing I love more than a best friend who doesn’t wait for the camera to focus…  This photo may be a bit blurry, but don’t fret!  You can still see my amazing “Is she a tourist or a local?” outfit

Leather jacket // Casual V-neck // Not-so-casual Faux leather leggings // Sneakers // Scarf (gift from Abu Dhabi)

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[/stnsvn-col-2][/stnsvn-col-row] I went from experiencing Rome for the first with strangers (my fellow models) to returning, and dare I say, appreciating this city with this amazing group of women.

I’m going to leave you with this gem that we found on a stroll in the city.  A carving of what seems to be a baby, on a tree stump… You know what?  The Italians were know for their artistic history, so I’m going to let this one go.