Italy Travel

Mask-on, Mask-off

March 29, 2018

Final leg of the trip and I’m glad it was spent in Venezia during the final weekend of Carnevale.

C’mon details!  Italian’s can’t just have a regular apartment directory/buzzer, it has to also be art.  I was immediately in love with the aesthetic.

We saw so many fabulous Carnevale looks (or lewks, as I prefer to call them) while we were in town.  My goal is to return to this city when I’m much more established and make my husband dress up in costume with me.  It’s definitely achievable so make sure that you’re still following me in 20 or so years.

Because Carnevale, is such a part of Venezia’s history (in fact it was the original Carnival) it was so amazing to experience the festivities and learn more about the history of Venice through events like this re-enactment of a historical event.

We had so many Aperol Spritzes while we were in Italy, it quickly became my favorite drink and in my opinion, it tastes like a crisp summer day.

During our second night we decided to the go for the bar crawl and hit up some local bars.  This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip.  Where else can you sip 2 euro house wine out of a plastic cup with a great waterfront view and still feel worldly?

Took a break from the bar hopping for a quick photoshoot.

No better way to close out our Venice trip than to find this unicorn mask.  We had been walking around the islands and I couldn’t bring myself to buy one of the many generic masks we’d seen.  It was one of those things where I knew that a mask from Venice would be the perfect souvenir, but nothing really spoke to me.  That all changed during a random stroll one night when we ended up at a pop-up shop and I saw this unique mask and I knew it would be perfect.  It now sits on my bookshelf where it serves as a reminder of this amazing trip to Italy, and potential inspiration for my next Halloween costume.