¡Hola Kere!

¡Hola todos!  And welcome to a new and improved blog.  If you’ve been following iamsohello, you know that things look slightly different here now…

Three years ago I moved to Barcelona and fell in love with the city and the experiences I had.  While I spoke Spanish (conversationally), I wasn’t quite fluent but was improving due to working with native Spaniards and living in a very local area.  Fast forward to the present day where I barely interact with Spanish speakers and I have essentially lost 50% of all of that work.  I can read and understand (slowly) but when it comes to speaking and writing with confidence, I’m not close to where I would like to be.

I’m sure you’re asking yourselves, “Ok, nice story, but what does that have to do with your blog?”

I’m glad you asked.

So… If Kere can’t bring herself to Spain, she will bring Spain/other Spanish speaking countries to her.

This means that because I need to practice my Spanish, I will post more often (in English, of course) with my translation in Spanish.  Hopefully, this will help with my writing and enable me to talk more about everyday things that are relevant to me, in Spanish.

Can’t wait to share more!