My Favorite Spring/Summer Nail Colors

If I’m being honest, you can find me wearing dark navy nail polish in the summer, and a neon pink color in the dead of winter, but these are my favorite go-to spring and summer colors that make you want to find the nearest beach, lake, or rooftop pool party. And you all know I hate nail polish that chips easily and these all last between 4-7 days, because no one wants to do their nails multiple times a week.

1. OPI in Cajun Shrimp

This is my go to summer red, I use this in their gel formula, but the regular nail polish is just as good. Perfect for date night (back when I was going out on dates regularly, woof)

2. Zoya in Audrina

This picture does not do this color justice, at all. Audrina is a bright pinky purple that will stand out in your nail polish collection. Especially if purple is your favorite color, as mine happens to be.

3. Zoya in Lola

The perfect neon pink, with a hint of shimmer. After I bought this, I read somewhere that this was the nail color of the corpse in the Pretty Little Liars title sequence, so there’s that.

4. Zoya in Blake

My favorite spring/summer blue. It reminds me of the sky/ocean, which people tend to see more of during the sunny seasons (see what I did there?). This was also one of my April 2019 favorites.

5. Jinsoon in Tweety

Another April 2019 favorite. Tweety is the perfect yellow, for all skin tones. This color won’t look awkward if you have darker skin (have you tried pale yellow on deep skin tones??) and won’t wash you out if you’ve got a paler complexion. It gives me “ooo, I packed us a picnic” vibes.

6. Floss Gloss in Con Limon

I used to think that lime green/neon green colors were for elementary school kids, and now I can not get enough of this color from Floss Gloss. I tend to pair it with other bright colors (one color per nail) for a fun multi-colored mani.

7. Floss Gloss in Neon Nacho

Neon orange, a color I didn’t realize I needed in my life.

Now go on and whip out those bright colors because sunny weather is here!

Product photos courtesy of brands