How I organize my eyeshadow products

Guys, the amount of make-up I have acquired… I don’t even want to talk about it, but here I go. Eyeshadow is my weakness for make-up. I barely change my mascara and complexion products but the one thing I have many of? Eyeshadows and glitters. This is how I’m currently organizing all of my eye makeup.

Because I’m living in an apartment with flatmates, I’m limited in the amount of space I have to myself so I had to really consider how to store all of this make-up without having my room look too cluttered (to be honest, I think I’m outgrowing this room with all of my stuff and soon I’m going to have to get it popping and live alone again). I found these acrylic organizers on Amazon and realized that I could stack them.

sorbus stackable makeup organizers

In each drawer, I’ve tried my best to organize it by tiny palettes vs liquid eyeshadows vs eye glitter products.

eye makeup collection featuring colourpop ooh la la palette and stila glitter & glow liquid eyeshadow
lemonhead la glitter spacepaste and spacejam collection

Some drawers are strictly, one brand, like my Danessa Myricks drawer. I’m glad I organized it this way, because now I’m aware of how many of her products I actually own, and it’s a lot. Especially for someone who’s not a professional make-up artist.

danessa myricks makeup collection featuring colorfix and waterproof cream palette

And finally, I have palette galore for my larger sized ones.

eyeshadow palette collection

This is just my eye make-up collection but it’s also the part of my collection that I experiment with the most. Hopefully this shouldn’t change much as I’m really trying to stop purchasing new make-up but rather rediscover some oldies. Keep me honest!