The BEST camera bags for stylish women

The other day I realized that I’ve spent so much time looking for the best the camera bag for myself (a stylish woman, if I do say so myself) and decided to share a list of my favorites to save you time researching. All of these bags are ones I either currently own, or have owned in the past!

Before I start, I want to preface with why I think finding the perfect camera bag is ideal. If you’re spending money on a camera (point & shoot, mirrorless, film, etc), you should use it! And after I bought my first DSLR years ago, I would never bring it anywhere. It was heavy, yes, but I also didn’t have a way of transporting it around in a way that didn’t bite my style. Also, as I’ve traveled solo or with other people, making sure it doesn’t look like I’m carrying something that a pick-pocketer can snatch and use the proceeds to spend the weekend partying is also very important!

And so in no particular order, here are my recommendations if you’re looking for a fashionable bag to carry your camera equipment everyday or when traveling.

Gatta Bag “Christie”

The amount of time I spent looking for a fashionable camera backpack that was also secure. I happened to come across this bag, thanks to Instagram, right before my solo trip to Japan earlier this year. (Shop)

Packing my Christie camera bag before a day of sightseeing in Kyoto, Japan (VLOG)

I even posted a pic in Kyoto, that the brand reposted to their Instagram page. If you needed proof that your girl can create content, here it is. 😆

ONA Bags “Bond Street”

This a great bag for mirrorless/smaller film cameras, especially you like bags that have that vintage feel to it. (Shop)

Lo & Sons “Claremont”

A spacious and classic cross-body. Need I say more? Actually, I will. There are a few bags with this same shape, but with no secure closure, which is a non-negotiable for me. (Shop)

Rebecca Minkoff “Mini MAC”

This is not a camera bag per se, but it’s one of my favorites for travel when I want to just take my point and shoot for vlogging. It can fit quite a bit and can go from day to night. (Shop)

ONA bag “Chelsea”

This bag is unfortunately no longer sold by ONA. But I am obsessed with this bag because it can fit A TON. A lot of times I don’t need all of that space but for the moments when I need to lug around my iPad, extra lenses, a book, all while looking classy, this is my go-to. I bought my bag second-hand and you may be able to find it in second-hand camera online stores, Ebay, or somewhere like Poshmark.

This post is not sponsored. Product photos courtesy of brands