Is TikTok the future of make-up tutorials?

First came YouTube… Which taught us all how to apply our make-up. And then there was Instagram, where beauty influencers and make-up artists like Pat McGrath and Katie Jane Hughes inspire us to try new looks outside of our comfort zone and build upon the basics that YouTubers taught us.

And now, there’s TikTok… A short, bite-sized way to get entertained that beauty lovers are using in interesting ways to show off their process and new looks.

A few weeks ago, I decided it would be fun to experiment with a make-up tutorial. I knew that I wanted to create some sort of tutorial but didn’t have the energy to use my bigger camera and then have to edit it later. So, I decided to hire TikTok for the job. I loved being able to capture a couple of seconds of each step with my phone and then later just having to sync it to the music.

The reason I think it’s the future of beauty and make-up videos is because of that “low-lift” to filming and editing. And let’s not even go into the discovery aspect (I have ~10K views!)

Here’s what I came up with, I’m quite proud of it for a first-timer:


A causal movie night beat 💕 #sephora #makeup #beauty #summerwalker #foryouppage #fyp #patmcgrath #blackbeauty #melaninpoppin

♬ Playing Games – Summer Walker