5 Shows I watch to Improve My Spanish

For all of my readers out there who are looking for some good Spanish language shows to watch (on Netflix/Disney+) and improve their listening comprehension while being ENTERTAINED. Consider this list perfect for the advanced intermediate and beyond learner (and obviously my native speakers out there).

Élite (Netflix)

Think Gossip Girl meets How to Get Away with Murder with fewer adults in the mix. It’s a show you won’t want to stop watching just because it’s 3am. I’m also just obsessed with the cast and the soundtrack in the show is A+ and has introduced me to a lot of Spanish artists. It can be difficult to understand at first because they mostly speak Castellano, so if you’re not used to that you may spend some time with some flashcards learning new words, but after the first season you basically have the vocabulary down for the rest of the seasons.

Desenfrenadas aka Unstoppable (Netflix)

A newer show, and it follows young adult women in Mexico City who go on a roadtrip where trouble follows. I watch this because the language is very conversational and young (how people my age in certain parts of Mexico City would speak at work or to their friends) versus a period drama for example.

Los Simpsons (Disney+, FOX)

Sometimes I’m in the mood for more lighthearted comedy, and that’s when I’ll turn to The Simpsons (and switch the dub to Latin American Spanish, which I find a little more dramatic compared to the Castellano version). I actually have never watched a full episode of the original English version so I’m watching with fresh eyes, but if you’re already a fan of the show, you’ll probably have a lot more context on the scenes, making it easier to infer the Spanish vocabulary that is new to you.

Narcos (Netflix)

You have two options, Narcos or Narcos: Mexico (the spinoff). Both are great and you get some background on the history of the drug trades/war on drugs in the US as well as a mix of Spanish and English in the episodes. The show also does a good job of introducing you to a few different accents and vocabulary. The first season takes place in Colombia and you really see the change in the pronunciation and new slang when they go to Mexico in later seasons.

Casa De Papel aka Money Heist (Netflix)

I was late to the game on this one, but I love it. I am really improving my bank robber/crisis vocabulary 😆. There are currently four seasons, so lots of content, y’all.

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