The perfect red nail polish for any mood

Whew, there was a time when I hated wearing red nail polish, until I realized the colors I was trying didn’t work for me. They weren’t bright or bold enough for my personality and after years I’ve found what works for me, and in my opinion these colors are pretty universal. And let me know forget, long-lasting! I can’t stand a chipped nail after 3 days, so these are 💥.

1. Floss Gloss in Cherry Ice

This looks more pink than red, but trust me, this is a neon red with some pink undertones. This is definitely the most summery color on this list, and it is not for the faint of heart. Wear this for pool parties or any fun activity that requires you to be in the sun, because this color is even more gorgeous when the light hits your nails.

2. Olive & June in SC

A Bordeaux wine, that’s more of a fall color for me but if you work in a more conservative office where a fire engine red is not appropriate, I would try this color for your version of a “power red”.

3. Olive & June in CV

The perfect classic red. As I was applying it, it was love at first sight. Great for that “power red” vibe if you have an important presentation, or just want to feel fiery.

4. OPI in Cajun Shrimp

Can you say summer date night vibes? Even though the only dates I’ll be going on are virtual, it’s still a great choice to brighten up your nails for yourself. This was also on my list of favorite Spring/Summer nail polish colors.