Links & Things – 05.17.2020

Another week of quarantine and I feel like my schedule was a bit out of whack last week, but that’s life, right? Here are a few things I wanted to share with you all this week:

  • This beautiful wedding is a look at love in the time of corona. Wedding on a stoop, masks, socially distanced friends along the sidewalk, and a block party?? 😍
  • My latest read and one of my favorites of the year!
  • I don’t know how I fell into the skating culture of Instagram & TikTok, but I have and I’m obsessed and need to learn! One of my favorite accounts that I’ve started following is a totally Cali skate vibe:

thought i was gonna lose my balance but 😉

♬ As I Am – H.E.R.
  • And I’m waiting for my Moxi roller skates (not until August ) to come in so that I can roll around too.
  • Because I, along with what seems to be the whole world, seems to be obsessed with Dr. Fauci as we try to make sense of the coronavirus. This video gave me even more info on his past work and why he’s been so respected. #FaucciGang
  • Whew, I’ve reached the part of quarantine where it’s time to take out my braids and figure out what to do with my hair/how to protect it from my urge sometimes to just apply lots of heat to it. I watched this live workshop today and felt less scared haha.
  • I’ve been thinking more about saving, but I’ve also been readjusting to buying things that replace real life experiences and supporting small businesses. Like these Bala Bangles, to make my at home pilates/yoga classes a little more intense, when I need that. And a couple of the new Olive & June summer nail polishes, because I will not be going to a salon for a long time.

Hope you all are staying safe!

Kere 💜