Mexico City

Last updated: December 23, 2019

Mexico City is one of my absolute favorite cities (that I need to spend more time in)!  I’m not an expert in any way, but here is my guide to some of the spots in CDMX that I really enjoyed and recommendations for things to do while you’re in town. And if you’re like me and like to use a map to plan your trip, check out the spots mentioned on this guide in my custom Google Map!

Where to Stay

Airbnb is a good option and pretty budget friendly. Hotels are also good, but slightly more expensive. It depends on preference really. When thinking about booking a place, I always consider proximity to my planned itinerary spots, walkability of the area, and safety (especially when solo traveling). For trendy neighborhoods I would recommend La Condesa or Roma.

Foodies, unite!

My first trip to Mexico City (CDMX) was pretty much a foodie tour with my friends. If you haven’t seen my post about my favorite foods from that trip, check it out here.

Pujol 💸

If you’re a fan of Chef’s Table, you’ve probably heard of Pujol. It’s referred to as one of the best restaurants in CDMX and is a tasting-menu only spot. The restaurant itself is gorgeous and has an open plan that reminded me of being in someone’s (very posh) living/dining room. Make sure to book well in advance as this place is extremely popular. Tennyson 133, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, 11550 CDMX

Quintonil 💸

The, . I recommend the tasting menu, even though you can purchase items off their menu, a la carte style. Like Pujol, make sure you book 1-2 months in advance for dinner! (I personally think for a trip you only really need to go to either Pujol or Quintonil). Av. Isaac Newton 55, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, 11560 CDMX

La Capital 🐟

La Capital is an underrated restaurant. One night when we didn’t have any dinner reservations we decided to check it out. It has an upscale sports bar + bistro feel to it and a great place if you’re traveling with a large group (there is SPACE). I highly recommend the tuna tostadas, either to share or to eat all by yourself. Av Nuevo León 137, Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 CDMX

Taqueria El Albanico 🌮

Get ready to eat some of the best tacos… This is a super local spot and you’ll probably have to wait a bit to be seated, especially around lunch time, but it is so worth it! I had some of the best carnitas that I’ve ever eaten here. As you eat you’ll see locals purchasing large quantities of meat from the restaurant for their own dinners, parties, etc. Gutiérrez Nájera s/n, Tránsito, Cuauhtémoc, 06820 Ciudad de México,

Clara y Ema 🥯

For the moments when you’re craving an egg breakfast sandwich. This is a really tiny spot but there is outdoor seating so you usually can find a place to enjoy your sandwich and coffee before a long day of excursions. Calle Juan Escutia 127, Colonia Condesa, 06140 CDMX

La Clandestina 🍸

Sooo much mezcal! This is the perfect place to try out mezcal, they have so many cocktail options (my favorite was the Aguacate one) or you can drink the mezcal by shot or by the glass. And the vibe was very chill, but trendy. Av. Álvaro Obregón 298, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 CDMX


(I will fill this out as I shop more in CDMX in return trips!)

La Ciudadela Market 🧺

Make sure you check this out for souvenirs for friends/family and yourself! You can find cute jewelry, dining ware, clothes and more. This is a market so there will be tourists and locals shopping here so make sure that you have your bargaining hat on. There’s a little restaurant inside that’s good if you want a snack or coffee to reenergize yourself. Balderas S/N, Colonia Centro, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06040 Cuauhtémoc, CDMX

Things to do/Places to explore

There’s so much to see and do that this list could be 20x longer

Frida Kahlo Museum 🎨

Celebrates the life and work of Frida Kahlo in the “Blue House,” her former residence. Great for Frida fans and newbies to her work and life. Londres 247, Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100 Ciudad de México

Teotihuacán Pyramids ⛰️

An ancient Mesoamerican city that’s a drive away from the center of Mexico City (~30 miles north-east). Warning, to get the amazing views (see the first picture on this guide) you have to be ready to climb to the top of the pyramids and you should go early. Once noon hits there is a crowd which will ruin your pictures, if you care. Teotihuacán, State of Mexico, Mexico

Museo Nacional Antropologia 👣

A must see especially if you want to learn more about the history of Mexico. You’ll definitely need a few hours here, and that may not be enough if you like to spend your time in all exhibits. It is also the largest and most visited museum in all of Mexico! Av. Paseo de la Reforma s/n, Polanco, Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 CDMX

Cafebrería El Péndulo 📚

A bookstore that doubles as a cafe. If I lived in Mexico City, it would also be my go to day-date spot with the sofas for casual reading and a bar for when you’re ready for a drink. Alejandro Dumas 81, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 CDMX

Palacio de Bellas Artes 🖼️

A cultural center. Come here for the beautiful architecture and the Diego Rivera murals inside. Av. Juárez S/N, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06050 CDMX

Let me know if you check out any of these spots when you go to Mexico City! Enjoy your time there!